Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Problems I Have with Christmas

For the most part I join in with everyone else and enjoy Christmas completely. I like the lights, the music, the cheer, the warm feelings, time with family. I like all of that. I am not one of those Christian bah-humbuggers who gets upset and uptight about every little secular detail. In fact, I love the secular details. I think that it is a good sign when the world is looking to Christmas a time time of hope and peace.

But, I do have some pretty serious problems with the current celebration of Christmas.
  • Commercialization. From the evening news to our family celebrations, we are encouraged to spend too much money and to commercialize Christmas. If we do not spend enough money on gifts, we will certainly end up in economic recession. Not only stores and malls, but also restaurants, hotels, movies and more have become dependent on holiday spending. Heaven forbid.
  • Gift giving. We are told over and over again that giving is the purpose for Christmas. I give gifts. I love giving gifts to the people that I love, but I never want gifting to be the reason behind my celebration, or anyone else's for that matter.
  • Secularization. Too many people around us have no idea why we take the day off work on December 25. From our greetings of 'Happy Holidays' to Winter programs at our public schools, we are thoroughly secularizing one of the most holy of holidays. The nativity story and the redemption that followed must never be forgotten.
  • Selfishness and Insensitivity. I do not think that I even need to expound on this one. Avarice and greed are the top two guests at many Christmas parties. What did I get? Why didn't I get more? They could afford more than that. And more thoughts and comments just like these characterize the attitudes of a whole lot of people.

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