Friday, December 14, 2007

If Joseph and Mary Came to My Town...

Who are these young people?
Unattractive, unmarried, unclean?
Homely, homeless, humble?
What do they want?
Why are they here?
We did not ask them to come.
He, the common laborer-
He has nothing to offer her or her unborn child,
He has little to offer our town.
She, the pregnant teen-ager-
She got what she deserves
She should have been smarter, or at least more careful.
They will, no doubt, be a burden.
Society will have to support them.
Clothe them.
Shelter them.
And they will be ungrateful.
They will bring an undesirable crowd
There will be loud visitors late into the night.
There will be more unemployed riff-raff.
Where will it all end?
There will be a baby...
A child who is innocent,
Who has done nothing wrong,
Who needs someone to care.
I will care and love and give;
For the baby's sake.
For my sake.

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