Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mary's Prayer

Who am I, God?
I am just a girl.
I giggle, I blush, I gossip with my friends.
I am ordinary.
I don’t have money, or standing-
My family is not special.
I am from Nazareth,
a normal town.
Who am I?
Why did you choose me?

And now there is Joseph.
He is a nice man, but he is so old.
He is not glamorous, but he is good.
He is not wealthy, but he can provide.
I do not understand the future-
I do not know why I am promised to him-
But I will trust you.

Now there is a promise-
not an ordinary promise, but a prophecy.
I have doubts, but I trust you.
Do your work in my life.
Mold me into the shape that you desire.
Use me for your purposes.

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