Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Christmas Message

Christmas is almost here, and there are hundreds of solicitations come to us all the time. People want our money. Benevolent organizations want our time and resources. Everyone wants something, it seems. And actually, this motivation goes both ways. It is the end of the year, a time when we are thinking about saving as much on our taxes as we can. Not only that, but it is the time of giving. We want to share in the ways that we have been blessed.

It seems to me that all of these actions and attitudes are motivated by selfishness. Everyone is trying to look out for him or herself. We want to get what we can get. The spirit of altruism seems to be dead after all. So let me put your mind at ease. I do not want anything. I am not asking you to give or serve or help. I am only asking you one thing: Would you please have a great holiday season? Let God’s great gift bless you this Christmas and into the New Year. May you live in the fullness of God’s grace and in the peace of his Son, Jesus Christ.

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