Friday, December 14, 2007

The Anti-Crisis

Many people of all works of life go from one crisis to another. We put out this fire only to learn that another has ignited over there. We do not have time to be concerned about what is important, but only about what is urgent. There is only enough energy to deal with this crisis, right now.

But as our lives grow ever more complicated, we find that we merely move from one crisis to another. There is never a break. There are problems all around us and they all seem to need our attention. At the very least, we feel as though an informed person should have an opinion on each global and national crisis. And those crises are in addition to the mundane personal ones that no one else knows or cares about. At times we are tempted to believe that life was better for our grandparents, or for the Amish. Simpler lives definitely seem better.

There are two things to say about that. First of all, simpler probably is better and healthier for everyone involved. There is less stress and competition when we are not consumed with the latest technology, communication or fad. When we learn to be content with less, we will be even more content all the time.

Secondly, although it seems trite, there is a solution to our problems. Jesus is the Anti-Crisis. He promised in the Bible to provide comfort, encouragement and strength to his followers. He also promised never to leave those who follow him. We never need to face any problem without his power and stability.

I do not want you to get the idea that Jesus will make your problems go away. There was never an indication by Jesus that his followers would be exempt from troubles. In fact, just the opposite seems to be true. He promised that people would hate, ridicule and persecute us because of our faith in him. Jesus did not promise wealth, health, prosperity or safety for those who followed him. He said that there would always be poor people among us. And although he definitely was concerned with healing the sick, there is no reason to believe that we will never be ill.

I believe that I will still have problems, even though I know Jesus. However, I know that I have a friend who will go through every problem with me. I do not have to be too discouraged. I will not be lonely. When my crises come, I know the Anti-Crisis.

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