Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Last week I was sitting in a Burger King. I do this often to study, read, think and pray. So that's what I was doing. In fact, I was reading the Bible when I looked up to see a pregnant young women in a t-shirt that had the "F-word" on the back... in very large letters.

My first reaction was to look around and see who else would be offended by this shirt. I worry about children and elderly people. Although I am sure that I was about as offended as anyone could be. Fortunately, there was only one small child in the place and he, at 2-3 years old, was to young to read. Then the girl in the shirt turned around and I saw the front of her shirt. It said, "Too drunk to care."

That is when the worst thing happened. This girl got her food, and then went and sat with the little boy and another woman. I am not sure who was the mother, but either way it concerns me that
  1. There is a child being raised in that sort of irresponsible atmosphere.
  2. And that there is a blatant disregard for the sensitivities of other people.
I had almost forgotten about this whole experience this morning as I was walking (for exercise) in my local department store. There was a man, shopping with his 8-10 year old son in a shirt that said, "Surrounded by f***ing idiots." What? He was right next to his son. Does that mean that his son is the _____ idiot?

So my problem is this: Do people not think about what they are doing, saying or wearing? Or, do they just not care? What message do we want to send to those around us? What's wrong with our society?

I have decided that I will re-double my efforts to be positive. I will think about the effect that my actions, attitudes and words have on others. I want to be source for good, for positive, for hope. Will you join me?

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Tande said...

I'm in!!! and I will continue to wear my iPray t-shirt :-)