Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Road Trip/ Car Games #2

I did an entry last week about games that you can play in the car on a long road trip. There was one comment on that entry that you might want to check out, but some of today's games come from that comment. I hope you enjoy.

Again, all of the following are games that can easily be played in the car with very little equipment required. A notepad and pencil to make lists or keep score should be enough. Have fun!!

  • License Plate Game #1. This game is much like the Billboard Alphabet game, except this time you are looking for numbers on license plates. Find a license plate where the first digit is "1". Then locate a "2", and so on. You must find the numbers in order. It gets tricky when you get to double digits, but that is also when it gets more fun. Set a time limit or a decide to conclude the game when you arrive at your destination. The person with the highest number wins.

  • Headlight Game. This is a game that is best played at night. Set a time limit on the game and begin looking for cars with a light that does not work. Give yourself 5 points if you spot a missing headlight, 3 points for a missing fog light and 2 points for a tail light that does not work. The person with the most points wins. One extra rule: Once a car is claimed by one player, another player cannot use it. Likewise, you can only get points once for each car. For example, if the car has a burned out headlight and fog light, take the 5 points for the headlight, but you cannot count the fog light.

  • I Spy. This is an all-time classic. One person begins the game with, "I spy with my little eye something that is..." and finished the line with a clue. The other players then try to guess what the first player sees.

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