Friday, August 28, 2009

Simple Ways to Improve My Life

If you know me, or have read much of my online material, you know that I have an aversion to public restrooms. I have seen some of the people who have used them. (That includes you.) I am always looking for ways to make those necessary public restroom experiences more pleasant. Here are a couple that I think are sure-fire winners:
  1. All public toilets should have a toilet seat handle. The one in this photo works very nicely, but a larger, more separate apparatus would be even better. By using a toilet seat handle it would be less likely that a person could catch some "crud" from a previous toilet user. Of course, if you are a woman this does not help you at all. This is only useful for men who must use this toilet and do not want to lift the seat. (Another option would be for the restroom to come equipped with latex gloves.)
  2. Public toilets should come equipped with a "foot flusher." No one, and by this I mean me, should ever have to touch a flush handle with a bare hand. Do you know how many nasty germs are on that thing? I usually flush with my foot, until I came across this sign. It has wrecked my life. So here is my solution: They make sinks and water fountains that are activated with a foot switch. They make trash cans that are opened with a foot-lever. It is time for a foot flush mechanism. (Or again, we could have latex gloves.)

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