Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekly Prayer Thought

Prayer Models- PATH

I have used this space before to introduce you to various methods of prayer. In fact, we have discussed several models that can be used to assist and instruct you in prayer. These models, including the one that follows, can be used in such a way that allows you to cover prayer completely, and to encourage consistency in your prayer time.

Use this model each day this week to pray. Spend a few minutes on each area of prayer. You will find that it is not hard to spend 30 minutes or more in prayer. Following this simple pattern will show you the ‘path to prayer.’

  • P- Praise God. When you open your prayers with praise to God, the one who made us, our lives and our prayer time will be the better for it. Our praise to God can take two forms. First of all, you can praise God for who he is. His attributes are worthy of our praise. He is great, awesome, holy, righteous, just, etc. Secondly, you can praise God for what he has done. He has given us many blessings for which we can praise Bulleted Listhim. He has answered our prayers many times. We should praise him.

  • A- Ask God. This is the part of our prayer that we usually focus on. We have lists and lists of things that we need and want. We are good at asking God for stuff. However, it would be better if we were to ask God for the needs of others at this point. You may have a list of prayer concerns that you keep for friends, family members, co-workers, church members. This is where you should offer them to God.

  • T- Thank God. Be sure to remember all the things that God has done. Make a list of what God has accomplished for you and through you. Spend time reflecting on his goodness and answers to prayer. Be grateful.

  • H- Ask for Help. Finally, after my time of prayer has covered praise, petition and thanks, you should turn to your own list of needs and concerns. God is willing to meet your needs. Now is the time to bring them to him.

This is not the only way to pray, but it is a good way. It is a great way to jump start a struggling prayer life. Spend some time with this model, this week.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. I need your help, Lord. Help me to pray. Teach me to pray. Use me in prayer. Amen.

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