Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Best Concerts

What follows is a list of the best concerts that I have ever attended. Some of them are what you might expect from me, others are surprising even to me. Not much more explanation is needed so here it is...
  • David Crowder Band, Elkhart, Indiana (2008)- It was a small theatre, lots of singing, all sorts of people. A great time. Good music. A really nice guy.
  • FFH, Studio B, South Bend, Indiana, (circa 2003)- It was supposed to be a 30 minute television taping, but it turned into over two hours of requests and audience participation.
  • Phil Keaggy, Pendleton, Indiana (circa 1999)- My first introduction to looping. Who needs a band when you can play and sing all the parts yourself. He plays. He writes. He sings.
  • Tree 63, Elkhart, Indiana (circa 2004)- We were outdoors. It was a small crowd. There were sound problems but everything was perfect. They were impressive.
  • Salvador and The Katinas, Indianapolis (circa 2000)- I had never heard of either group, but went to the show because it was free. I was not disappointed. Great music. Good fun.
  • Planetshakers, Studio B, South Bend (circa 2005)- Another concert we attended because it was free. But we were certainly glad. Modern praise and worship music with an Australian feel.
  • Willie Nelson, Lima, Ohio (circa 1983)- It was a free show to benefit the depressed community. There were thousands of people in a field with Doug Kershaw, Billy Swan, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings showing up. Not bad.
  • Bob Dylan, Tucson, Arizona (1980)- It was during Dylan's "Christian" period. He was only playing gospel music. There were protests, heckling and more. It was my first Dylan show.
  • Billy Joel, Fort Wayne (circa 1978)- My greatest memory is Liberty Devitto, the drummer, walking around the drums, while playing.

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