Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Church Goals Update

At the beginning of 2008 I set forward some goals for my churches. I (we) have met with rather mixed success. Here is my end of the year analysis.

  • Make 2008 a year of prayer. This was an unqualified success. People are praying more than ever. We gather at the altar on Sundays for prayer. We have new prayer request and reporting opportunities and weekly prayer lessons and requests emails.
  • Increase spiritual sensitivity. This goal has been mixed. Many people are more in tune with God spiritually. But many more are not.
  • Reach 10 new, unchurched people. Almost is the answer on this one. Between the two churches that I pastor we have eight new people in worship each week.
  • Create and maintain peace and stability. We are on the way. There have been many changes implemented that are working toward this goal. Within six months I will be able to declare: Mission Accomplished.
  • Increase biblical literacy. I am not sure how to measure this. I think that we have not made a lot of progress on this one. People do not bring Bibles to church. I see very little evidence of outside Bible study, etc. I will keep working on this one.
  • Establish new groups and develop new leaders. We have established three Faith Teams. They are meeting on a regular basis. We are continuing to train new leaders. The leaders that are already volunteering continue to do excellent work.
  • Become "that" church in the area. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I know that it hasn't happened.
  • To complete the ramp/bell project at Pretty Prairie. The ramp and new entrance is finished. Now we just have to do the bell.

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