Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New Moral Code?

I have written often here about how Christians have their morals all messed up. We are not afraid to point to the sins of homosexuals, pedophiles and polygamists, but shrink back from the more common and problematic sexual sins of infidelity, divorce and sex trafficking. I do not want to be misunderstood, I believe that all sexual sins are bad. As a Christian I affirm that God ordained people to have sexual relationships only in the context of a committed, exclusive marriage.

But the bigger problem is that Christians have focused only on sexual sins when considering morals. This cannot be. This was brought to my attention this week in an article by Brian McLaren.

In an analysis of what he terms "economic fundamentalism," McLaren references "the kind of religious fundamentalism that equates morality with sexuality." It is sad that Christians have forgotten, or at least ignored all the other elements of a Christian morality except for the sexual parts.
  • Peace. Christians should be advocating for peace on earth (all year long).
  • Prosperity. I hesitate to use the word prosperity, but in this context I am meaning that it is ridiculous for people anywhere in the world, and certainly in America, to be in poverty.
  • Health. Can we be a moral people if we ignore the health care needs of large parts of our population?
  • Education. One of the fundamentals of success in life is ensuring that everyone is educated.
There are many more aspects to morality, but that should get you started. Do not be suckered into this idea that moral issues = sexual issues. It is way more than that.

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