Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Favorite Albums of 2008

Here's round two of my favorites of 2008. This time it is my favorite albums of the year. Again, let me preface my list by offering the following disclaimers:
  1. These are not necessarily the best albums. They are my favorites. They do not even have to be good. So there.
  2. These albums were not necessarily new in 2008. But, I heard them for the first time in 2008.
  3. I do not think that my opinions are better, more well-rounded, or more commendable than anyone else's. But they are mine.
  4. These appear in no particular order.

So, here is my list:

  • Amy Winehouse- Back to Black. (After hearing everything about Amy Winehouse I really tried to not like this record. I couldn't.)
  • Bob Dylan- Tell Tale Signs.
  • Bright Eyes- Four Winds.
  • Juno- Soundtrack.
  • Once- Soundtrack.
  • Eagles- Long Road Out of Eden.
  • Ray Charles- The Spirit of Christmas.
  • Psalters- Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles.
  • Andrew Peterson- Behold the Lamb of God. (I have loved this album for several years, but just went to the concert and remembered how beautiful it is. It deserves to be on the list.)
  • Willie Nelson- Moment of Forever.