Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ben "Alger" Carson

Horatio Alger was a prolific author who was best known for his rags to riches stories of the American dream. Several year ago I became aware of true-life Horatio Alger story. The story of Ben Carson is not secret, but it was very exciting when I first became aware of it. Carson's autobiography, Gifted Hands, was an inspiring, life-altering book for me.

When I read the book I was impressed by Dr Carson's success. He has an impressive resume no matter where he comes from and who he is. He is a pediatric neuro-surgeon who pioneered procedures to help children suffering from seizures, the hemispherectomy that removes one half of the brain to give a child a normal life, and to separate conjoined twins who were connected at the head. Both procedures were successful and created a lot of publicity for Dr Carson.

But the truly amazing aspect of the story is the environment from which Dr Carson came. He was raised in the inner-city by a single mother. He endured racism, poverty, a bad attitude and many other forms of disadvantage. And yet he was able to overcome disadvantage, become a productive member of the medical community, attain a measure of success, attain a measure of financial security, keep his deep Christian faith and become an effective and loving father and husband.

The true story, however, is about the faith and commitment of his mother, Sonya Carson. When it was required, Ben's mother got her two sons in line. She made sacrifices, worked hard and loved her sons. She is a true example of what parents ought to be.

Recently TNT produced a broadcast a filmed production based on Carson's book. It is well worth your time. (Read about the film at (Get more information about when to watch at

So, do three things...
  1. Watch this movie.
  2. Read this book.
  3. Become the parent God intended you to be.

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