Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anything Worth Watching?

This is a very troubling question for me. I do not expect an answer. I think I already know the answer, but "Is there anything on television that is worth watching?" Answer: NO!

I had a few moments of leisure the other night so I decided to watch one of the current batch of situation comedies. I had previously tried 30 Rock and The Office and was not offended by them. In fact, I found both to be mildly amusing if innocuous. I was hoping that my new show would not sink to the level of Kath and Kim or My Name is Earl, two sitcoms that I have tried and rejected soundly as a waste of time and brain cells.

So, I picked a program at random, The Big Bang Theory. What a pile of garbage. The idea behind this gem, the situation, if you will, is that four geeky nerds share an apartment across the hall from a beautiful, young blond girl. Never mind that this sounds like a re-tread of Friends (in reality, it is), there is nothing good here.
  1. I have no idea why the sexy girl spends time with the nerds and seems to value them as people. This flies in the face of accepted sitcom wisdom. I have only watched the show once, and plan to never watch again, so I am sure that I will never figure this one out.
  2. There is nothing new or original here. The characters have all been seen before. The situation is familiar. This is old hat.
  3. The writing relies on familiar cliches and worn-out jokes.
  4. The characters are tired stereotypes with no depth. They are there, but we know nothing about what makes them tick. Where is the back story?
I cannot invest anymore time or energy in this show. It will be gone soon. It is not worth me caring about or spending time with. This is nothing more than Two and a Half Men without the charisma of Charlie Sheen.

Help! I need to find something worth watching on television. Is it out there?


Anonymous said...

I found you on the Taking Heart blog :-). No, there isn't much worth watching, which is why I don't have a tv, but there is much worth reading. No shortage of new or old books to get you thru your free time. I have found Animal Planet useful when I am visiting someone with a Tv. That is about it.~Mary

Paula said...

I think I will have to agree with you. There is really nothing good on TV.I was trying to think of something that was better than no TV at all, and came up with nothing.
OH ! I just thought of one ! It is called "The way of the Master"
Hosted by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. Watch for it.

FEC said...

I disagree. There is plenty of good stuff on TV, just not much in the way of dramas or sit-coms.

The wife (Taking Heart) & I switched to AT&T U-Verse a couple of months ago with over 200 channels, I have found that I watch a lot of the History and Travel channels; our oldest watches lots of Discovery & Animal Planet; and the baby girl only watches Noggin.

I think the general sweeping condemation of TV because of major network programming is uncalled for.