Friday, February 13, 2009

Truly Nothing New

I am frustrated and fed up with the current crop of films being offered to American movie-goers. There is very little that is original coming from Hollywood. Thankfully there is the independent movie scene allowing us some choices at the cinema. Hollywood is sure not giving us much variety.

It seems to me that every other movie that is released by the big movie studios is either
  • A sequel to a previously made movie. How many Friday the 13th movies do we really need?
  • A remake of a movie that we have seen before. Doesn't the Day the Earth Stood Still seem familiar?
  • A remake or adaptation from a television series. Can you say Get Smart and Land of the Lost?
  • A formula that we have seen a hundred times before. How about New in Town?
  • And the latest fad, a comic book adaptation. Are you ready for Watchmen?
I think that for the money you and I have to pay to go to the movies, we deserve a little bit more entertainment than a tired retread. Give us something new. Give us something original. No more Sex and the City. No more Batman.

In case you are out of ideas, Mr Hollywood-man, how about reading a book? There are lots of great ideas in books. What about meeting some real people? That means that you will have to get out in the real world away from the entertainment business. Hey, here's a revolutionary thought: Get some ideas from the newspaper. There are stories in there every day!

It's on you, Hollywood. Be creative. Just do it.

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