Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life Verse

Philip is my hero. There are lots of reasons for this, but the primary one is what is said about him in Acts 21.9. Since finding this seemingly unimportant verse a few years ago, my life has changed and my focus has improved dramatically. Here is why.

"Now this man had four virgin daughters who prophesied." Acts 21.9

That now sums up my purpose, my life. It is partly because my only child is a daughter and because Philip had a heart for evangelism, but mostly I love this verse because Philip was a father. I, like Philip, am called to be a father, not only to my own child, but to spiritual children as well.
  • I am called to reproduce children who are holy. Philip's daughters were virgins. This is true in the physical, moral sense of the word, but I believe it means that they were young women of integrity. My calling is to reproduce myself in this way as well.
  • I am called to reproduce children who are spiritual leaders. Philip's daughters were ministers who shared the message of God with others through prophecy. I am called to build ministers as well.

There you have it. That is what I do (at least, what I should do). Keep me on track.

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