Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday II

It was not quite a year ago, but it was Ash Wednesday that I began this blog. It is only appropriate that I once again come back to that theme on this day. Here are some thoughts.
  • Reflect. During this season of Lent, for this 40 days, spend some time evaluating your relationships. Check you relationship with God, with your spouse, family, neighbors, friends, co-workers. Are your relationships- all of them- what you would like them to be? If they are not, fix them. You are the only one who can do that. Make your relationships better 40 days from now than they are today.
  • Remember. Think back on the events that have made you who you are today. There are good and bad things to remember. Remember them all. Be grateful for what has been good, and for the good that has come from the bad. Remember how God has worked in your life to make you what you are, or how you have neglected God.
  • Repent. There are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of things that we should be repenting. Take the two-step approach to repentance. First of all, recognize, admit and confess those things in your life that are unhealthy, unhelpful and just plain sinful. Secondly, make a decision to avoid all of those in the future.

May you be blessed on your Lenten journey as the Lord speaks to your heart and receives your sacrificial penitence.

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