Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pro-Life Movies?

An interesting article recently appeared in Christianity Today. In it Mark Moring asks the provocative question as to whether or not Hollywood is becoming pro-life. After all, 2008 was the year of positive messages from life-affirming perspectives. Movies of every sort were dealing with unwanted pregnancies and complicated relationships. And in every instance that I can think of the answer was always, choose life. (The article can be found at

All of these movies that I have seen prove to be excellent films as well. (Although released in 2007, I did not see Juno or Waitress until 2008. I am sure that they will both end up on my year end favorites list.) You will probably not be wasting your time with any of them.

Juno- Juno is the wise-cracking, wise beyond- her- years, teen who finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy and a very complicated adoption situation. The main message here: honesty.

Waitress- Waitress is about the woman who gets pregnant by her unloved and unloving husband. She makes some mistakes, but ultimately learns about love. The message here: hope.

August Rush- Two young musicians from different worlds meet and become pregnant from a one night stand. The son who is born is placed in an orphanage, but believes that his parents want him still. The message here: persistence.

Bella- In Bella, a struggling single woman learns that she is pregnant and plans to abort her child. However, friends and circumstances make her reconsider. The message here: friendship.

Knocked Up- In this adolescent comedy genre-film, we get this story about a mis-matched couple who get pregnant after a drunken one-time encounter. The message here: responsibility.

It is really too soon to tell if this is a trend in Hollywood movies, but it is certainly an encouraging sign. There are more sides to any issue than the traditional Hollywood party-line.

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