Sunday, January 13, 2008

In and Out

It has been said that what goes in comes out. No truer thing has ever been said. The things that you put into your life are the things that your life will become. The items that take your energy and attention are what will form your priorities.

Since this is the case, why not make yourself better? Why not focus on things that will come out of your life in a positive way? Put things into your head that will make you, and the people around you, better.
  • Focus on thoughts that will be beneficial to yourself and others. Be positive in your attitudes. Surround yourself with positive people and think on positive topics. Choose to be an optimist.
  • Focus. Do not wander hopelessly from issue to the next. Do not get caught in the trap of putting out fires all the time. Focus your energy and attention on what is important.
  • Surround yourself with 'good' art of all kinds. Do not settle for what is popular, or easily accessible. Fill your mind and heart with the books, music, films, etc., that are meaningful on an emotional and intellectual level.
  • Our culture tends toward the base and the profane. You do not have to go along. Look for and focus on those things that lift you up. Gravitate toward the aspects of our world that make people better.

These things make us what we are. It is true that whatever we put into our lives, is what we will become. Wherever we invest our time and energy is where our priorities will be. To be a content and fulfilled person realize that you need to fill yourself with good things.

If it is true that garbage in will produce garbage out, then be sure to put good stuff in.

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