Wednesday, October 24, 2007

3-H Club

It occurred to me recently that there are a lot of clubs that people join. There are social clubs, civic clubs, professional organizations, sports groups and hobby or interest clubs. All of these recruit members who have similar likes and dislikes. They share priorities and interests. Wouldn't it be interesting if we started our own clubs?

These clubs would not be churches or cell groups as such, but social communities that share the same interests. The members would not necessarily have the same viewpoints or belief systems, but could join together for discussion and mutual encouragement. The objective of the club would be to join in times of social gathering and fulfill the Three Hs.
  • Follow God with your heart. This has to do with spiritual searching and commitment. Every human is involved in a search for spirituality. Some seek it in religion, others in drugs, sex, gambling or other places. In the 3-H club members will share their search for God.
  • Follow God with your head. Many people have an intellectual problem with matters of faith and religion. Unsubstantiated belief does not make sense to them. The 3-H Club should allow honest (but not hateful) questioning, discussion and doubt.
  • Follow God with your hands. This is the practical side of spirituality. If we must get it into our heart and head, we must work it out in our daily lives. The 3-H club should encourage members to work out their faith by giving, going, serving and sharing with others.

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