Monday, December 28, 2009

My Kids

So, my only child has completed her first semester of college. She did pretty well overall. Academically there is room for improvement. Socially she made the transition to independence exceedingly well. From the time Molly was born I believed that when she moved away my life would get simpler. I thought that I would lose interest in young people. I would get too old and out of touch to understand them, or for them to understand or be interested in me. I was wrong.

I have always had an interest in young people. (By young people I mean those who are in their teen years all the way through young adulthood.) There have been many young people that have been important to me- and I pray I was important to them- throughout my life. These people have become like my own children. Many of them I stay in touch with to this day.

These kids- "My Kids," I call them- have all responded to my life, ministry and teaching in positive ways. Additionally, they have all been young people that I liked, and like, very much. I could make a list of them, but I am sure that I cannot faithfully do that. Someone would be offended that I included them on my list, and someone else would be hurt that they were left off. There is no way I can win at that point.

However, I can list some common traits of these people, and our relationships.
  • Everyone of my kids has been a part of my leadership life. That is, I have had the honor of being a "discipler" if you will. I was in a place of authority and they willingly followed.
  • Everyone of my kids is still very important to me. I love them. There is not a one of them that I would hesitate to call in a time of need.
  • They are or have been involved in my life beyond our "professional" experiences. Life has been shared.
  • I love my kids. My kids love me.
  • There is great respect between us.
So far there are about 12 of these special kids. I am always on the lookout for number 13.


Gregory said...

Even if I am not one of "your kids", you brought a lot of Godly wisdom to my youth days many years ago! I always appreciated the Bible studies you led even if you were KJV only back in those days! :)
Amanda Mills

Rev Dewey said...

You are definitely in the "my kids" category. I miss you.

Gregory said...

I miss you too! Sometime when Greg and I are up that we we will have to get together with you and Shannon.

Rev Dewey said...

I'll look forward to it.