Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The World Goes 'Round

So I have been thinking a lot about people, love, relationships and that sort of thing. Life is very complicated, and people are the largest complicating factor. Just when you have your relationships figured out, something changes in one of them that ultimately effects all of them. I think this is true for everyone except for the prisoner in solitary confinement and the hermit on a deserted tropical island.

As usual, I have tried to make sure that my thinking has not been meaningless rambling around in my head. I am trying to come to conclusions. I want to understand my relationships and how they work. I want them all to be better. To that end, I have made some observations and some decisions.

  • I should/ will love as many people as I can. This is true of people I already know and new people that I will meet. If it is true that love makes the world go around, I should do my part. I will be a lover of people.
  • There will always be time for my family and people that I truly love. There are a couple of implications in this statement. First of all, I cannot, and will not, be inconvenienced by my inner-circle. That is, they cannot put me out. They are a priority for me. Secondly, Since they are a priority, even if they have to wait because of some other issues, they will always be important to me. They will get their time and attention, even if they have to wait a little while.
  • New people in my life may not wait for me to get around to caring for them. There is probably a limited time-window for new people. People that I already have relationships with know that I will be there. New people may not. They may need attention and love right away.
  • I should love everyone, all the time. This is true even of people that I do not like. All people are made in God's image. Every individual is one that I should care about and love.

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