Sunday, December 27, 2009

Favorite Music of 2009

I'm continuing my year-end evaluations. I know that I may be the only one interested in these lists, but they do help me to think critically about the ways in which I spend my time. So, here is my list of my best music/albums of the year. But first, my disclaimers.

These albums are not necessarily the best ones of 2009. They are albums that I enjoyed, that entertained me, moved me, made me smile, or made me think more than any others this year.

These were not necessarily released in 2009. They are all new to me, however. I heard them all for the first time in this year.

I try very hard to not be influenced by what is popular. Consequently, I may be biased against the Hollywood blockbuster or American Idol- type pop singer. But then again, maybe not.

Additionally, they are in no particular order. It is hard enough for me to come up with my 10 favorites. Ranking them would be almost impossible.

So here we go. My list for 2009.
  • The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood
  • Bob Dylan- Christmas in the Heart
  • Stan Kent0n- West Side Story
  • 2nd Chapter of Acts/ Phil Keaggy- How the West was One
  • Peter, Paul and Mary- Peter, Paul and Mommy
  • U2- Rattle and Hum
  • Maynard Ferguson- M.F. Horn
  • Jerry Lee Lewis- Last Man Standing
  • Bruce Springsteen- The Seeger Sessions
  • Bob Dylan- Friends and Neighbors (Theme Time Radio Hour)

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Keith Fiala said...

Great list! Especially Maynard and MF Horn series!

Keith Fiala