Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Spring Prayer Experiment

This week I heard from God. 

This sounds more dramatic than it actually was. I often hear from God. He answers my prayers regularly. Sometimes if very dramatic ways. Revelations pop up sometimes in unexpected places. That is the way God spoke to me this week. I was working on my sermon, the next in my series on the Sermon on the Mount, when I started thinking about prayer.

This spring I want all of us to have a new experience of God’s prayer- answering power.   I want you to join me for a Spring Prayer Experiment. From now until Memorial Day will you pray in this way?

Begin by thinking about someone who needs to know Jesus. It may be someone in your family, at work or at school. You surely know someone who does not know the Lord. Then think about someone who needs direction. There may be a big decision looming, a job situation, a family crisis, a marriage in jeopardy. Finally, think about someone who needs to be healed. It could be that a long term illness, an injury or an impending surgery is the cause for this need. Now that you have these three people in mind, commit yourself to pray for them each day until Memorial Day.

The second part of this experiment is completely different. Every day you encounter people with needs. Often God nudges your spirit about these individuals. You know how this goes. You notice that someone looks sad. Another person seems to not feel well. A mother speaks in anger to her children at the store. For this spring season, say a sentence prayer for 10 such people each day. These prayers need not be elaborate. You do not even need to close your eyes. Something as simple as, “Lord, calm the anger of that young woman.” “Touch that man so that he can feel better.”

Part three of the Prayer Experiment is even simpler. Pray at every meal. I know, you already do that. I know I do. At least I thought I did. When I began to pay attention I realized that I neglected blessing my food quite often.  Make it a point during this experiment to pray for every meal. Do it no matter what you are eating, where you are, or who you are with.

Finally, have one extended prayer time each week. For most people, one extended prayer time could be as short as five minutes. The length is less important than the attitude of the heart. Commit yourself to allow enough time to get to know God, and let him get to know you.


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Paula said...

Count me in ! I am going to give it my best effort.