Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No News, Good News?

I am sure that I am a geek. I know that I am a nerd. I do not get involved in role-playing games and I do not know how computers really work. But I do enjoy some pretty geeky things. One of those things is now in danger. I love reading the newspaper, and I am afraid my days indulging in that joy are numbered.

Newspapers across the country are in danger. People are turning to the internet for news more and more. Cable television news is also infringing on the territory of the traditional newspaper. Oh, there is at least one more factor, many, many people are not interested in news, papers or reading at all.

Recently my local newspaper announced that it will be transitioning from an afternoon publication to a morning paper. For me this will be an improvement, but it worries me because the motivation behind the change is economic. The paper believe that there will be more subscribers and greater circulation if the paper is out in the morning. Consequently, there will be greater advertising revenues with the greater circulation.

If this works, I am all for it. I want to keep my paper. But I am concerned that so many papers are making such changes and some are closing altogether. And although I know that there is certainly an editorial bias in the print media, it is generally more objective than cable news (consider Fox News and MSNBC), and definitely more reliable than news blogs and the like on the internet.

Buy a paper. Help preserve some jobs. Strengthen the economy. Save your country. Rescue and preserve democracy.

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