Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Selective Service

A group of semi- related musical observations...
  • While watching American Idol last night I was shocked (that would be sarcasm) to discover that originality is frowned upon. What is necessary to win is for a contestant to be just like everyone else. Model yourself after whoever is popular right now.
  • Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan could never have the impact on music and the world today that they had when they first burst onto the scene. They are just not pretty or sexy enough. If you can't dance, look good in a swimsuit or have a popular video, your music will never be heard by the masses.
  • When trying to find new music, you have to wade through a lot of crap to get to something good. This is a life truth. It works in nearly every area of music. You have to hear a lot of Yanni or Kenny G before you get to one Miles Davis. Although this can be a tiresome and tiring process, it usually proves to be worth the effort.
  • In the world of popular music the most prized attributes are mediocrity, imitation and commercial appeal. Originality is looked down upon and discouraged.
  • The appeal of popular music is its 'rebel' status. We love rock and roll because our parents were against it. As long as the recording industry opposes music downloading and file sharing, it will continue.

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