Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Programs I'd Like to Try

I have always tried to be a person who thinks creatively. For the most part, I think that I have succeeded. I am always looking for new ways to do old things. New routes to get to old places. New things to try. I like to go to new restaurants, listen to new music and try new television programs. I believe that if no one else has tried something, that maybe I should. If someone else has had success with a particular thing, I want to try it, but in my own way.

I am not exactly a maverick, but I want to be new, exciting and different. I think that originality and creativity cause excitement and growth. Well, I have some ideas that some day I will try. These are things that I am not doing now, or have not tried yet just because there is not enough time. But some day there will be. These three things are specifically designed to reach new people with the message of Jesus. (There are a hundred other new things that I would like to try just for the sake of trying them.)
  • Movie Club. It has been said that modern theology is being created in your local movie house. I would love to organize a group to go to movies together about once a month. After the movie the group would retire to a coffee shop or ice cream parlor to discuss the film, and to specifically address the spiritual implications of it.
  • Book Group. As a person who loves reading, and who loves to talk about what he is reading, I would love to have a book discussion group that focuses on reading "secular" books, but with an eye toward spiritual content. This group would be open to all, but would give Christians a chance to share their particular perspective on modern literature.
  • Dinner Parties. This program would have to be a somewhat closed group. We would eat at different homes, restaurants or have progressive dinners. I believe that 'real' things happen as people eat together. Lives can be changed in this program, and quickly.

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