Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2010 and Lenten Reflections

I know that the year is well under way, but I wanted to make sure that these resolutions would stick. So far they have. In previous years I have posted my resolutions early in the year and then provided an update about mid-year. This year I was not going to post them at all, but Lent got me to thinking.

Lent is a time for reflection and introspection. We consider our sinful nature, our mortality and how to get closer to God. We try to improve ourselves, make sacrifices, get and be more holy. For six weeks in the spring we try to improve ourselves. And that is what reminded me of my New Year's resolutions.

There is one other problem with posting my resolutions now: I already can see some of the problems I am having. I will reflect on some of those problems in parentheses.

So... Here I go:
  1. I will blog at least twice each week. Although I generally average more than that, in recent months I have not be as faithful. In 2010 I commit myself to write at least twice a week and I will maintain a goal of three to four times each week. (Consistency continues to be a problem, but I am improving in this area.)
  2. I will read the New International Reader's Version of the Bible. (Unfortunately, it turns out that I do not like the NIRV at all. However, I am continuing and on schedule.)
  3. I will organize my house and life. (I am, so far, a dismal failure at this point. I do have good intentions, but not much motivation or cooperation.)
  4. I will get back on track in my devotional and prayer life. (Again, I am making progress, but there is much work to go. Sadly, there was- and is- a need to get back on track.)
  5. I will take more chances or risks in life.
  6. I will write 1-3 John, Jude and Jonah. (Oddly enough, so far I have got a good start on Jonah and I have copied Psalm 51.)
There you have it. Look for updates later.

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Taking Heart said...

Great list.
I never thought of writing out books in the Bible... something I would enjoy I think.