Monday, March 15, 2010

Lenten Prayers II

During Lent we have been focusing on a time of self-reflection and repentance. Let the following prayer help you in your meditations, reflections and prayers.

Show me who I am, Lord.
Not the person that others see,
but the person that you know from my heart.
And Jesus, when I see who I am
help me to become who you want.
Search me and help me to see my faults, my problems, my sins.
Make me a person of integrity.
Help me to discover my inconsistencies,
my hypocrisies,
my jealousies,
my bitterness.
Help me to evaluate my priorities.
Protect me from desiring only what is
or pragmatic.
Remind me what you think is truly important.
Lord God, I pray that those things would become important for me as well.
Let me see your purpose for my life.
Do not let me be distracted by the interests of others.
Keep me from words, thoughts and activities that I choose just because they are popular.
If I can be popular I will not be disappointed,
but first of all, let me be your child.
May those who know me, know you.
May those who love me, be loved by me.
May those I meet, meet you.
May I be a person who lives for you,
and may I encourage one other to join me.
For your glory and in your name I pray.

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