Friday, February 12, 2010

Texting in Restaurants

Awhile back I had this great idea. It would be perfect if I could text my order to the kitchen in restaurants. In this way I could save money on the tip because I would not need a server. I would save time because I would not be waiting on another table to order. I could cut out all the confusion and difficulty that comes with inconsistent service.

This idea, I thought- and still think, had great potential. How great would it be if I could order while waiting for a table and have my food ready when I was seated? How great would it be if I could text the hostess in advance of my arrival so I could be seated more quickly? The advantages and applications are virtually limitless.

And then I saw my idea on television. CNN did a report on a bar that had a special iphone app for ordering and keeping track of your drink tab. The report ended there, but I am sure that there is much more to the system. I cannot wait until this particular idea is more widely implemented and available at my favorite places.

I do not own an iphone and I'm not planning on getting one, but the door is open. Soon I will be able to use my cell phone to have the world- or at least my dinner- come to me.

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