Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Talk About It, Talk About It, Talk About It

Once in awhile, it doesn't happen very often, I turn my radio to the AM dial and listen for Rush, Sean, Glenn, Michael and the like. I do this to give my brain a rest. Sometimes when I have been thinking too much, when I am exhausted from intellectual activity, I need someone to do my thinking for me. AM talk radio is great for that.

Think of the recent accomplishments of these icons of pseudo-intellectuality:
  • Blocking health care reform
  • Blocking immigration reform
  • Wrecking congressional town hall meetings all across America
  • Calling for the President's birth certificate
  • Beginning the "patriotic" tea bag movement
  • Giving us Sarah Palin and other giants of experience and intellect
You see, when I get exhausted from thinking, I want the assurance that someone who is bright, well-balanced, articulate and informed can help me. I am glad to know that these people are not influenced my ratings, advertising or corporations. It is calming to know that they are all independent thinkers. It is refreshing to know that Rush's content is completely different from Sean's and Glenn's... They all have their own agendas.

I like the fact that they are equally critical of both parties in American politics. I love when they spend half their time complaining about Democrats and the other half complaining about Republicans. It is talk like that that reminds me of my other favorite "fair and balanced" news source.

Thank goodness the AM dial is free from that NPR drivel that makes me think for myself. I am glad that I don't have to deal with in-depth reporting or interviews. I love it that someone else can make up my mind for me.

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