Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Revelation

This is not a new thing, but I was reminded of this truth in a dramatic fashion this weekend.


Nothing will cause an organization to die a more agonizing death than when it gets boring. As boredom takes root in an organization it permeates the whole. Meetings get boring. Plans are boring. Programs and projects and products get boring. And when boredom starts, death is the next thing.

There are two alternatives to dealing with boredom.
  1. Do not allow boredom to start in the first place. Keep things interesting. Never do the same thing twice. If you have to do the same thing again, do it a different way. Keep improving meetings, products and programs. Just because it is acceptable now does not mean that it always will be.
  2. When boredom starts, stop it as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for boredom. When you see the first signs make some changes. Do things in a new way. Do some new things. Take a break. Find inspiration. Remember the excitement you used to have and learn to recapture it.

Remember, if you want to live, don't be boring.

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