Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Appropriate Worship Settings

There is nothing like a majestic cathedral with candles and incense for a moving worship experience. The soaring tones of a glorious pipe organ accompanying a choir give me chills, and remind me of the grandeur of God.

However, I also love to sing praise choruses around a camp fire and hold hands with a small group while praying for the needs of a close friend. Reading the Bible by flashlight is an experience that everyone should experience.

But then there is the fellowship group that laughs and talks too loud at the local pizza joint. A brief prayer before eating does not seem like worship, but it can be just as significant and meaningful as any other dialogue with God.

You see, I believe that wherever you are, God is with you. That means that wherever you are right now, is a good place for worship. The woods, the ocean and a church are all places that we think are appropriate for worship, but we should also consider a factory, a school, even Starbuck's.

If Jesus promises to never leave nor forsake me (Hebrews 13.5), and that he will always be with me (Matthew 28.20) then I should be prepared to worship at any time or place.

The first implication is that I may need to be more careful where I go. If I find myself in a place, or in company that would make worship uncomfortable or inappropriate, it is probably a place that I should not be. If worship in a tavern is impossible for you, do not be in a tavern, ever. If worship is impossible with a certain group of friends, maybe you need different friends.

Another implication has to do with the priority that we give to worship. Too often we relegate worship to one hour on Sunday morning. The Sunday morning ghetto is the only place that we even think about God. Remember that if Christ is always with you, you should be worshiping throughout the week.

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