Sunday, September 18, 2011

My (Other) Heroes

First there was my list of heroes. Those were the ones who are still living who have influenced my life. They have- and usually still are- making a difference for me and for others. But there are other heroes who are no longer with us. These are sometimes historical people, other times they are family members or friends who are deceased. They are all men and women who made me (and are making me) who I am.

  • Pauline Welsh (Othermom). This is the woman who made it possible for me to be a Christian. She prayed for me. She loved me. She still serves as an inspiration and pattern for my faith and life. Her affection for me knew no limits or conditions. She taught me to love others and to love God in the same way.
  • Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was our greatest president. (I will have a conversation about this one, but I guarantee that you cannot convince me otherwise.) He stood up to those who opposed him, even to the point of death. He was not afraid to keep trying, even in the face of disappointment and defeat. He cared more for the union of our country than he did for political expediency or popularity. (Today's politicians would do well to learn some of those lessons.
  • CS Lewis. I am a great fan of Lewis because of his writing, but that is not all. He was a thinker. He evaluated all options before making decisions, but was not afraid to make the right choice, even if it meant reversing an earlier position.
  • Thomas Jefferson. Washington and Franklin get all of the attention, but it was Jefferson that made America happen. A brilliant thinker, Jefferson was a renaissance man long after the renaissance. Although his attitudes and personal life make him politically incorrect today, we should honor him as a great man in American history.
  • John Wesley. Not only was Wesley the founder of Methodism, he was a tireless organizer, leader and preacher. His movement continues to be one of the most important Christian groups in the world. Wesley influence goes beyond his churches to protestants around the world.

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