Thursday, September 8, 2011

My (Living) Heroes

I have been thinking a lot about how to live my life recently. I believe that we should try to learn from others as much as possible. There is no need- usually- to re-invent the wheel. Therefore, I have been thinking of people that I would like to pattern my life after. This post will be followed on future days by my historical heroes and others. What follows then, are some of my living heroes.
  • Jimmy Carter. Although his presidency was less than what most of us would have desired, since leaving the White House he has become the standard by which all former-presidents will be measured. Almost always without regard to partisan politics he has fought disease and oppression throughout the world. He advocates for peace, for dignity for all and for free and fair elections in all societies. His Carter Center is an international force for good; his work with Habitat for Humanity is well-know; and he is unafraid to speak out about his faith.
  • Billy Graham. Often referred to as a spiritual adviser to world leaders, including several US Presidents, he is much more than that. Graham has shared the message of Jesus with more people than any other individual- ever. He is consistent, filled with integrity, humble and completely ethical. The world is a better place because of Billy Graham and the example that he has set for religious leaders of all stripes throughout the world.
  • Jeff Newton. Jeff is a pastor, but more than that. He was serving a comfortable church as a pastor, when he heard the calling to leave that setting to take up ministry in an inner-city setting. He left security, for insecurity. He put the Kingdom of God, and ministry to others above his own comfort, or desires. Jeff continues to serve the least of these as he works to feed, clothe, inspire and educate the poor in his community.
  • Dewey Miller (not me). My dad has served as an example for me for my whole life. He loves his family and lives for them. He has always been one to come to the aid of his children and grandchildren. There has never been a request too great for him. He has been steadfast in his commitments, loving in his example and filled with integrity in his relationships. I want to be like him.

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