Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Do You Love?

Too many people have misplaced their allegiance. Rather, I should say that too many Christians have misplaced their loyalty. When we should be completely in love with Jesus, we are in love good things, right things and even beneficial things. But they are not the most important thing.
  • We are too in love with the church. We often mistake our love for the church for faith in Christ. The church is a great institution. I love it. I am committed to it and will live in and serve it for the rest of my life. But I must be careful that my primary commitment is not to the church.
  • We are too in love with tradition. How often we think that the service of the church is the most important thing. Too often we get offended because the liturgy is changed, or the worship style is modified. Our traditions are important, but they must never be the most important thing to us.
  • We are too in love with our moral position. There is a lot of vitriol and animosity in the political world these days. Unfortunately, it is spreading to the church as well. We know what we believe and what the truth is, and anyone who disagrees with us is less "appropriate" or right. We must always remember that Jesus is the founder and creator of our moral position.
  • We are too in love with "good works." Although acts of justice and mercy are necessary parts of our Christian commitment, they can never be the most important element of our faith. Too many people believe that doing things is enough in the realm of faith.
Never forget who we are to love. The Christian must love Jesus first and most. Do not be distracted by moral, traditional or other "good" things. Focus on Jesus and your love for him.

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