Friday, December 17, 2010

New Year's Resolution 2011

A few weeks ago my cousin died. Monica was the same age as me. We were never very close, but we were together at all family functions because she was the closest in age to me of all the cousins. Her death caught me by surprise. To begin with, she was much too young to die. Not only that, the cancer seemed to come out of nowhere and suddenly, at least to me. Although I rarely saw Monica in the past several years, I was deeply saddened by her passing.

The reason I rarely saw Monica was because I made that choice. I have become absorbed with my own life and busy-ness. I know that my hectic lifestyle is generally positive for everyone. I am involved in doing good things- God things- for and with people. But it seems that sometimes I am too busy.

So when I got to Monica's funeral, I was a little nervous. Its a big family. My father is one of six children and they all had multiple children. And I hadn't seen any of them in a long time. I was worried that someone would be upset with me because I had not been around for a long time. I thought, "Maybe they think that I think I am too good for them." I didn't need to worry. All of my family members were gracious, loving, understanding and genuinely glad to see me. That is why I have made this resolution:

During 2011 I will spend as much time with my family as possible.

Distance and schedule will place limits on this, but as far as I am able I will attend reunions, holidays, graduations, picnics, concerts, ballgames and school programs.

Family is too important to take for granted. I have a pretty good one and I'm going to take advantage of it.

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