Friday, May 1, 2009

Inventions, Time-Savers and World-Changers

I used to write from time to time in a blog on my MySpace page ( I am not writing on there any longer because it just takes up too much time, but from time to time I will include some of that kind of thing on this blog. Today is one of those entries. I hop you enjoy.

Here are some thoughts that will make the world a better place.
  • The Family Hotel Room. Many hotels are beginning to realize that when more than one person is staying in a room, there is a difficulty in the bathroom. When a family has to shower, shave, brush, do make-up, etc., it takes a lot of time, and some room and coordination. This could be simplified if hotels would offer family rooms. These rooms would have a separate area for the toilet, sink and shower. In this way three different people can be getting ready at the same time. Of course, just putting an extra sink outside the bathroom would go a long way in fixing this problem.
  • Destination Weather in the Airport. You have been there. You sit in the gate area of the airport waiting for your flight. Of course you wonder about the weather in whatever city you are traveling to. However, in most airports you will see only a generic national weather outlook from Atlanta (CNN) or weather from the city you are leaving. Airports should have weather reports for the cities that travelers are going to. Then we could be prepared for what to expect when we land.
  • Re-cycling sea water. This is something that really needs to happen. Someone needs to learn how to de-salinate the water from our oceans. There are several advantages to this, not the least of which are helping to alleviate drought conditions wherever and whenever they exist, and avoiding the disaster that may be coming of the Polar Ice caps melt and raise ocean levels. There will be too much salt water. We should be using it.

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