Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to Say It??

I am tired, put off and irritated about racism and bigotry in my community, nation and world. It is exasperating to know that there are some people who are going to be opposed to moving forward because moving forward means a change in ethnic minority status. In just a few years white people will be a minority in America. In fact, for awhile at least, the predictions are that there will be no ethnic majority. The United States is finally become the 'melting pot' that we always thought it could be.

Here is where the racism comes in, however. There are many people, usually white people, who are threatened by any advance or change in the status quo. These people believe that by preserving old mores and values they are conserving American heritage for future generations. For them the ideal for America is English-speaking, white people with two children per family. They are mad that people speak Spanish (of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, German, etc.) in the USA. After all, they reason, this is America. We speak English here. (Never mind that America has no official language. All people and tongues are supposed to be welcomed.)

By holding on to the English language, they have convinced themselves that they are caring for American culture. However, I contend that there is no "American culture," at least in the sense that we may want to think of it. America is the place that has given us fast food and the chain department store. These economic powerhouses have learned that they need to appeal to everyone. Therefore, there is nothing unique. Wal-Mart is roughly the same in Phoenix, Arizona as it is in the Appalachian Mountains of East Kentucky. McDonald's has the same menu in Anchorage as it does in Jacksonville.

White people have become bland, lifeless and vanilla. Don't believe me? Think about these observations:
  • The top selling condiment in America is salsa. When we are snacking, we choose Mexican food.
  • Taco Bell, again with the Mexican food, is one of the top fast-food chains in America.
  • The closest town to where I live (Sturgis, Michigan, population <12,000)>
  • For at least 50 years white teens have adopted the music, language and fashion of popular African-American culture. Today Hip Hop rules.

The things that add flavor and color to your community and to our nation are not to be found at Applebee's. No matter how much we protest, we want variety.

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