Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Candidate

Here is something I have decided. It is still one month until the election in the US. In my town we are electing a President/Vice-President, Governor, US Representative, State Senator and State Representative. In addition there are several county posts up for grabs this year. I have been following the races pretty closely and I have come up with one thing for sure.

I have already decided who I will vote for in every race.

That is probably not that unusual. I think a lot of people have probably decided who they will be voting for. But I have noticed something peculiar about my election attitude this year.

My candidate can do no wrong. The other candidate seems like a buffoon. I am sure that this is only my perception, but it seems that every day the latest campaign news only serves to confirm my decision. When my candidate makes a statement or a policy decision it seems insightful, articulate and profound. When the opposing candidate makes a comment I tend to roll my eyes with a "that's what I thought he would do/say" attitude.

Every move by the opponent seems to be a huge mistake. Everything my guy does only serves to reinforce all the good things that I know about him.

I am sure that I am exaggerating this situation, but I am giving myself a caution. My attitude smacks of close-mindedness and intolerance. And although those are often prized as virtues in the world of politics, they are not in the real world. I must be careful to avoid judgmentalism and prejudice at every turn.

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