Saturday, April 5, 2008


Recently, while watching a television program, I noticed this "E/I", in the corner of the screen. I have no idea what that was for. Eventually I noticed this symbol on a lot of programs. It seems to appear most often on Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon programs. I have made a guess that E/I stands for something like "Educational/Informational" because of the sort of programs that it appears on. Although that may be the right meaning, it didn't satisfy me. There could be something more at work here.

Evangelism is imperative. Christians are required to share their faith. It is not a suggestion that Jesus makes. He is very clear. We must be witnesses. We cannot do evangelism when it is convenient or comfortable. We are to be witnessing all the time.
  • Evangelism Imperative. There are no options when it comes whether or not to do the work of evangelism. We are to do that work. There are options when it comes to how we share. There are different methods and strategies. Choose one that you are comfortable with. Make sure that your method suits your personality and lifestyle. But remember, Jesus said, "You will be my witnesses." (Acts 1.8)
  • Evangelism Intention. If we wait for the opportunity to share our faith, it likely will never come. We must be vigilant in a search for evangelistic prospects and opportunities. Every day should begin with a mindset that seeks out relationships for the gospel. Every conversation should be moving toward the gospel. Evangelism must be intentional.

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