Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wild Hogs

I saw the new movie Wild Hogs, over the weekend. I have to admit that I did not have high expectations. I was fully anticipating a disposable comedy with lots of gross-out and body part jokes. To a certain extent, that is exactly what I got. There were motorcycle crashes, fight scenes, even a game of slap the bull. The lowest moment had to be when the gay motorcycle cop shows up to join the four friends skinny dipping. Low brow humor does not get lower.
But this movie is a little infectious. It gets under your skin and it is not completely worthless. The main characters are all middle aged men who are trying to break out of boring lives. It is the mid-life crisis for the 21st century. It is City Slickers with oil, gas and a loud engine. They learn some valuable lessons during their cross country journey with no schedule, no phones and no rules.
They learn the value of friendship. Although the movie is built on the concept of their friendship, these four do not truly learn how deep their relationships are until they are tested with violence and the threat of death.
They learn about commitment. Only when they have the opportunity to give up do these guys realize how important it is to keep going.
I can't give it two thumbs up or four stars, but Wild Hogs is a pleasant diversion with some value.

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