Thursday, March 1, 2007

The 4 Most Important Things

I believe that it is very important that every person, especially those that follow Jesus, grow in their faith and understanding of life. It is my conviction that if you are not growing, you are moving in the wrong direction. A relationship with God is like every other relationship. It takes work. That is why I believe that the 4 most important things are crucial for every human.
  1. Bible reading. To know God, you must read about God. The Bible is the best source for material about God that is available.
  2. Prayer. To know God, you must talk with God. Prayer goes both ways; it is equal parts talking and listening.
  3. Fellowship. To know God, you must spend time with God people. God people will challenge you to be more like what God intended you to be.
  4. Changing the world. To know God, you must do what God wants. It is God's desire that everyone should know Him, and that our world more closely resemble His.

A regular discipline of these practices will make a great difference in the life of any and every person.

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