Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Smell Phone

So the other day my mother called me while I was still in bed. She woke me from a sound sleep. Its kind of a game with us. We sometimes call each other early in the morning. If you wake up the other person, you win. My mom won that day. As we were talking it occurred to me that is was a good thing that she could not smell my breath through the phone. I had an especially significant case of morning breath.

And then it hit me. The cell phone is potentially the most powerful thing in the world. The iphone has taught us so much about what a phone can do. For that matter, my simple phone has an mp3 player, a calendar, camera, alarm clock and a lot of other things that I do not know about. A smart phone can surf the internet and communicate around the world in multiple ways. But I believe there is potential for a "genius phone." A genius phone is so good that it actually meets real human needs. It is practical.

Let me suggest some applications for the Genius Phone (all of which are probably realistic).
  • Blood Pressure Monitor. Electronic blood pressure devices are getting smaller and smaller. Put it on my phone.
  • Heart Rate Monitor. It will let you know how effective your cardio workout is.
  • Glucometer. Measure your blood sugar in a convenient, pocket-size meter that is always with you.
  • Pregnancy Test. Probably possible, but you probably don't want to talk to your sister after you have urinated on your phone.
  • Pedometer. Since your phone is perhaps attached to your belt, use it to measure your steps, distance, speed and calories burned.
  • Universal remote control. Use your phone to control you television, surround sound, stereo, dvd player and more. A convenient feature is that when you answer your phone the tv automatically mutes itself.
I know I live in a dream world, but what a dream it is.

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