Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Best Rock/ Music Movies

It is a favorite thing of mine to make lists. If you have read this blog for very long you have figured that out. I keep track of things so that I can make lists. I have compiled lists of favorite concerts, favorite movies, favorite hamburgers and way more than that. (You should pray that you never get to read some of my more personal lists.)

Many people in the media have learned that lists are very popular. In fact, I believe that USA Today owes much of its existence to the bulleted list. Every paper and magazine formulates lists; Best and worst dressed, Newsmakers of the year, Best new reality tv series' of the year. You get the idea.

This is my very personal list of two of my favorite topics: Movies and music. These are my favorite movies about or containing music. These are not necessarily documentaries, but they are filled with music, or music is a central theme of the movie. I make no claims to the intrinsic value of the movie or the music contained therein. Only that the movie, and the music were enjoyed by me. You have no doubt seen most of these films. If you have missed some, look them up. You will not be sorry.

One last thing: Do not get excited. I have not listed these in any order. They are not arranged according to quality, musical style or preference.
  • The Last Waltz. This is my favorite concert movie. It is the final concert of The Band with many guests. Watch this movie. Directed by Martin Scorsese.
  • This is Spinal Tap. The original "mockumentary" is the funniest rock movie ever made. Rob Reiner directed an hilarious film that has become a cultural phenomenon.
  • Almost Famous. This is a semi-autobiographical story about how one young boy became a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • A Mighty Wind. A mockumentary from the mind of Christopher Guest. Think Best in Show with folk music. Although everything is completely tongue in cheek, do not take the music for granted. It is good!
  • Walk the Line. This is not only a great music movie, it is a great movie. The story of Johnny Cash and June Carter is wonderfully played out and the music is not bad.
  • The Buddy Holly Story. I believe that Buddy Holly was the true King of Rock and Roll and Gary Busey was never better.
  • La Bamba. Lou Diamond Phillips plays Ritchie Valens. This movie, with music by Los Lobos, is wonderful. Did Phillips ever make another movie?
What movies would you add? What ones do you disagree with?

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