Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I'm Doing

Sometimes it seems that life is just too busy. It feels like there is always something to do. That there are not enough hours in the day. That some things get left undone so that more important things can get done. This is one of those weeks for me.

I have found that one of the simplest ways to organize myself, and accomplish what needs to be done, is to make a list. I know this is not revolutionary, but it is very effective. What follows is my current list of things that need to be done.

Fortunately, there are no people hospitalized that I need to care for. There are plenty of other issues, however.

  • HOPE Ministry/ Assimilation Program. Our churches need a specific plan to reach and retain the members and constituents of the congregations. I am working on a plan that will connect people more significantly with one another. This will increase our pastoral care and spiritual growth.
  • Prayer Book. I have been wanting to write a book on prayer for a number of years. I will be starting work on that project very soon.
  • Sermons. Every week there is a sermon. I am working several weeks ahead. Yet this year I will be doing a series on marriage and sex, one on Titus and a special Advent series on simplifying the celebration of Christmas. There is also a series on Psalms for 2010.
  • I am also in the middle of making some changes in our worship service. Adding music and readings, changing the order, etc.
  • I am also working on a new website for the church. This will be a comprehensive place for members, constituents and interested persons to get information about the church. It will be a professional-looking site that will be pleasing to everyone.
  • Fall planning. I am working on planning for the Fall at both churches. There are issues around Bible study groups, Kid's Club, the Coconut Hut, youth group, teen Bible studies and much more. All of these need to be considered and addressed.
  • Daily prayer and Bible time. Every day I (try to) spend an expanded period of time in prayer and Bible study. Although this does not always happen, it is always on my agenda to start the day. This is in addition to any sermon or teaching preparation that is required.
  • Finance plan. I recently presented to one of my churches a plan to help strengthen the financial situation of the church. This is still in the deliberation process.
  • Blogging. Another item that I plan to do several days every week.

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