Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Take on the Recession

I am not an expert on economics. In fact, I can barely balance my own check book. More frequently than I would like, I find myself counting the days until my next paycheck. No matter how much money I have or make, I feel like I need just a little bit more.

And therein lies the cause of the recession.

Yes, I am the cause of the recession. But so are you.

Our economy has been built on several factors. Some of them are not so attractive.
  • Madison Avenue. Our world, our value and our sense of self-worth has been developed by marketing campaigns from corporate advertising people. These people are able to convince you and I that we need the latest product, the fastest car, the sexiest jeans. We become certain that if we do not buy our clothes at the designer boutique that there is something wrong with us. Consequently, we begin to judge others by whether or not they are shopping at the latest place, or wearing the latest look.
  • Needing the unnecessary. A corollary implication to the marketing of the world is that we become convinced that we need things that are completely unnecessary. For example, I have a computer at my office and at my home. I am able to access high speed internet at both locations. Why then do I feel the need for a laptop computer as well. And if I get a new laptop (which I am sure that I do not need) will I then discover that I need a smart phone as well?
  • Credit Mindset. Our world is built on the "reality" that you no longer need to save and wait for a purchase. You can get what you want right now. I can use a charge card to get things. And too many people fall into the trap over and over again. We get too much debt, too quickly.
  • Avarice and Greed. Finally, we accept and applaud the very things that have put us where we are. We encourage people to get as much as they can. We believe- at least with our actions- that greed is good. We reward those who have the most, save the most, earn the most and keep the most. Our whole world encourages greed and consumption. It is no wonder that our landfills are full.

We must always remember, however, that the message of Jesus was to give and to care for the poor.

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Tande said...

SO TRUE!!!!!!! What a great way of stating this in terms that even a young person can understand. A little self-determination, willpower, sacrifice, and thankfulness can get us through, if we just let God take control.