Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekly Prayer Thought

And when you pray...when you pray... And when you pray... In this manner, therefore, pray... Matthew 6.5, 6, 7, 9

This truth is so simple that we might miss it, but so powerful that we had better not. Read the whole passage from the Sermon on the Mount, but do not overlook these simple words: "When you pray."

Note a couple of things about them.
  • To begin with, Jesus spoke these words. They are the words of the Lord of life. These thoughts come from the lips of God himself. This is important.
  • He said "When you pray" three times. Repetition would seem to indicate that there is something important about these words.
  • Three times Jesus assumes prayer. One time he instructs us how to pray.

There are too many of us who should pray. We know that we ought to. Still we do not. Not only do we not pray enough, but unfortunately, we do not pray at all. What a tragedy for Christians. The starting point of our Christian life should be prayer. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Jesus does not seem to tell his disciples- or us, for that matter- that we should pray. He assumes that it is already happening. The bottom line for all Christians, no matter what level of spiritual maturity, is that we should be praying.

When you pray...

When you pray...

When you pray...

This is how to pray.

Begin to pray. The practice of prayer will teach you much about how to do it. Then listen to how Jesus says you should pray.

Prayer: Lord God, I want to pray. But there are distractions, there are conflicts. There are sometimes that I am not in the mood. At others there is not enough time. I want to pray, but I need help with my prayerlessness. Work on me, and work in me. Amen.

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