Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Redemptive Movies

I have written before about what I call "adult movies," those films with themes that are not necessarily scandalous, but deal with themes beyond having sex, using drugs or super heroes. When I talk about adult films, I am referring to movies that children and teens (and unfortunately, many adults) are not interested in. For more on adult films go here: .

Within in the large category of adult films, there as a sub-category that I would call "redemptive movies." Redemptive movies, to me anyway, are films that make you a better person. Sometimes you grow and improve just by having watched the film. Other times the movie will cause you to make decisions or take actions that will change your life or future. There is one footnote: redemptive movies change you for the better. Change in itself does not make a movie redemptive. For example, a film that is excessively violent may create change in you. It might make you angry, or cause you to accept or tolerate violent actions. This is not redemption, however.

I understand that my definition of redemptive is very subjective. What is positive change to me, will not be positive to someone else. I know this is the case. So with that understanding, let us move forward to recognize that movies- and all art for that matter- can be powerful tools for changing people, our culture and the world.

Many of the movies that I have reviewed on this blog are 'redemptive movies.' They are films that make you think. They cause you to evaluate life, the world and especially the status quo. Redemptive films are tools for education. I learn new things and different perspectives when I watch a movie with a message.

I don't always agree with 'redemptive movies.' Sometimes they cause me to change in a way that is completely different than what the film-maker intended. Once in a while I watch a movie just because it is controversial. 'Redemptive movies' often fall into the controversial category, but they do not need to.

Be on the look out for movies that do not only entertain, but also educate. Our time is wasted if we sit down for two hours, turn off our brains and let someone else think for us. Film should make you think, learn, change and feel.

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